Why Forgiveness Is Good For You

20 January, 2022

Researchers are studying the health benefits of forgiveness - how do faith, forgiveness, and health intersect?

Have Scientists Found The Spirituality Origin In The Brain?

15 October, 2021

Vaccine Hesitancy and Religious Institutions

12 July, 2021

Faith Channel Welcome

Faith Channel Welcome

Faith and Healthcare


Living Faithfully: Is Faith an "Alternative Treatment" or Complementary to Medicine?

Medicine and faith are not mutually exclusive but some people consider faith to be alternative treatment and others think it's complementary to medicine.


The Divine vs. The Doctor: Could They Be The Same?

Faith and healthcare are not contradictions; they are cause and effect. Health and healing are divinely ordained--they just arrive in vessels marked EMT, MD, RN, etc.


Does It Have To Be Religion vs. Science?

While religion and science have seemed to be opposing forces for centuries, many religions can embrace science - especially with regards to medicine.

Healthcare Professionals

Talking to the Doctor About Faith

3 January, 2021

Talking to your doctor about faith can be difficult and uncomfortable but it can produce better outcomes and there are good ways to go about it.

Pastoral Care in Hospitals

3 April, 2020

When hospitals offer pastoral care, it means that they have a chaplain or religious figure to provide religious guidance to patients who need it.

Can People Refuse Medical Care Because Of Religious Beliefs?

3 April, 2020

There are some religious fundamentalists who refuse medical care but do they have the right to refuse care from medical professionals?

Spirituality and End-of-Life Care

3 April, 2020

Talking to a loved one who is approaching death can be a daunting task but it's important to provide comfort and access to guidance if possible

Living Faithfully


Faith: The Missing Link To Combat Suicide?

Struggling with suicidal thoughts can be lonely. Could faith be the answer to making loneliness a bit more bearable and ultimately combating suicide?


The Differences Between Prayer and Meditation

Meditation and prayer are different in intent but both provide benefits like increased awareness, calming the mind, and letting go of negative thoughts.


Religion/Spirituality and Anxiety

There has been plenty of research into the relationship between religion/spirituality and mental health. While the majority of studies have shown significantly less anxiety among religious people, there are also some mixed results.

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