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Keeping The Faith: Can Faith Affect Health Outcomes?

Many rely on faith to improve their health but science itself has shown a positive correlation between religious activity and improved health outcomes.


Religion/Spirituality and Anxiety

There has been plenty of research into the relationship between religion/spirituality and mental health. While the majority of studies have shown significantly less anxiety among religious people, there are also some mixed results.


Religion and Quality Of Life

There is some evidence that religious people can live longer and healthier lives, potentially because religion provides comfort, support, and peace.


Can Religion Help Prolong Life?

Religion and medicine might not seem like natural partners but what does the science say about faith helping people live longer?


Religion as a Treatment for Depression

Based on research, religion may have a combative effect on mood and overall well-being and may be an effective solution for those suffering from depression.


The Differences Between Prayer and Meditation

Meditation and prayer are different in intent but both provide benefits like increased awareness, calming the mind, and letting go of negative thoughts.

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