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Biobanks: What Are They All About?

Biobanks store biospecimens such as blood, organs, and urine and are used by organizations and biotech companies to learn more about diseases and populations.

Latest Innovations

Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease

For many with Parkinson’s disease, deep brain stimulation can be a way to find relief from the debilitating symptoms of the condition.


Technology For Spinal Cord Injury Sufferers

GTX Medical, a MedTech company that develops innovative devices and therapies, has started work on a groundbreaking new treatment for spinal cord injuries.

Heart Health

A Promising Future for Transplant Recipients

A pig's kidney has been transplanted into a human without immediate rejection - what could this mean for the future of heart transplants?

Science & Innovation

Synthetic Material Can Repair Injured Organs

Scientists are developing a synthetic biomaterial to repair various organs – specifically, the heart, muscles, and vocal cords.

Science & Innovation

X-Ray Elastography Aims to Revolutionize Soft Tissue Imaging

A new imaging technique called X-ray elastography may be about to change the way doctors can examine soft tissues in the body.

Science & Innovation

Using AI to Detect Health Problems in Real Time

Artificial intelligence (AI) has helped us make giant leaps in healthcare. Now it's being used to detect health problems in real time.

Science & Innovation

Bariatric Surgery Without Surgery?

Imagine a bariatric procedure but without the surgery and without the risks and side effects that surgery can potentially add. That's the idea of Elipse.


How is the COVID Vaccine Different From Previous Vaccines?

The messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines used against COVID-19 are radically different. For one thing, they don’t use the virus at all.


Computer-Assisted Surgery for Sports Injuries

With joint replacement surgeries for common sports injuries, there are now computer-assisted technologies that can revolutionize the process.


Are Robots Taking Over? Robotics in Healthcare and Medicine

Robots are not science fiction anymore - they are being used in various capacities in healthcare including caregiving, surgery, and rehabilitation.


Improving Your Brain’s Hard Drive: Chip Implants

Scientists are developing technologies that are on the horizon that will act like a hard drive chip in your brain.


Can You Hear Me Now?

Hearing aid technologies like cochlear implants and hearing aids are really helping people who experience hearing loss and impairment.

Science & Innovation

Virtual Reality Entering the Medical World

Virtual reality is no longer fantasy - VR is revolutionizing and will continue to improve healthcare and medicine in a variety of ways.


3D Printing: Sci-Fi or Reality?

3D printing is not just a cool technology, it also can help save lives with its scientific and medical uses.


We Can Rebuild: Technology and Rehabilitation

Robotics is revolutionizing the way people recover from serious injuries and can help in rehabilitation.

Science & Innovation

Stroke Treatments: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Headed

In 25 years, significant improvements in stroke treatment and research have been made. Learn about stroke treatments: where we've been and where we're going


Improving Your Grip: The Promise of Ultrasound and Laser Therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Research is opening up new avenues of noninvasive treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) including ultrasound therapy and low-level laser therapy.

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