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Innovation Spotlight

Doctorpedia Channels: Where Health Intersects With Your Interests

May 1, 2020

Doctorpedia is where doctors provide engaging health content and resources online through condition-specific websites. However, we know that people are not defined by their medical conditions. We wanted to build resources for every person and we knew that if we only built condition-specific websites, we’d be missing out on reaching millions of people who want to learn how to manage their health and wellness outside of a particular condition.


This is why we built the Doctorpedia Channels.

The Doctorpedia Channels provide engaging content relevant to the intersection of health and popular interests and passions. Every aspect of our daily lives impacts our health, whether it’s the activities we love to do, the gadgets we need to learn more about, or the belief systems that guide us on our paths. We have even built an entire channel for COVID-19 content, as the novel coronavirus has transformed the way we live for the time being.


We build each channel by identifying a broad area of interest that will attract users around the globe. Our research team combs through publications and resources to find popular topics related to the intersection of that interest and healthcare. We consult with the Chief Medical Officer of that channel to ensure that the article topics are not only responsible from a healthcare perspective and interesting from a user perspective but also encompass the broad spectrum of the channel‘s online community’s interests.


So far, we have launched 6 channels with informative, engaging, and relevant content and will continue to add more as we broaden our appeal to more groups of people:

1. Coronavirus – All About COVID-19

While this channel is obviously not built around a passion, it was incumbent upon us as a digital health company to provide answers to the most pressing issue of the moment. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we built this channel in an extremely tight 1 week timeframe. Not only does this channel have medically reviewed articles about the most searched for and important topics related to the novel coronavirus – it also features engaging and clear videos answering common questions and our COVID-19 Webcast with doctors on the front line of the global crisis offering their experience, advice, and perspective. We have also been sharing our doctor-led Coronavirus videos on social media and have seen over 3,000,000 video views on Facebook alone. You can read more about our massive growth on social media in our most recent transparency report.


Popular articles include COVID-19 Symptoms: People Report Loss of Smell and Taste, 8 Positive Updates on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and How To Work From Home.

2. Faith – The Doctor & The Divine

Faith and medicine don’t always seem to go hand in hand but this channel shows how people can effectively manage their healthcare while staying true to their faith. The Chief Medical Officer of this channel Dr. Christopher Conti is not only a board certified emergency medicine physician but he is also a pastor. His unique perspective has played a vital role in the development of this channel and we are proud to help those who have questions about living faithfully as a patient or doctor. Dr. Conti also produced videos for this channel that can help people understand how faith and healthcare can be complementary.


Popular articles include Can Religion Help You Live Longer?, Talking To Your Doctor About Faith, and The Differences Between Prayer and Meditation.

3. Heart Health – Keys To A Healthy Heart

Almost every aspect of our daily lives has an impact on our heart health. Together with our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Nassir Azimi, we have built a channel for people who want to make sure they’re taking care of their tickers. Whether you want to learn about diet, exercise, technology, or another topic – you can check out the content on our Heart Health channel to make sure you’re protecting your most vital organ. We have a dedicated section about cardiology that is geared towards practitioners and a section about technology that features content about AI and advanced wearables.


Popular articles include Helpful Apps For Heart Health, Is Dental Health Connected To Heart Health?, and Can Avocados Help Your Heart?.

4. Sports – Where Sports & Exercise Meet Health

Sports and exercise have a natural bond with health, since exercise is a crucial aspect of maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing. Sports is a massive global interest and passion, whether it’s in professional sports, recreational activities, or general fitness. Our two Chief Medical Officers are Dr. Christopher Conti (a sports concussion physician and the team physician for the US Soccer Federation) and Dr. Matthew Russo (an orthopedic surgeon and expert in common sports related injuries.) Their expertise has helped us build content for professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, and weekend warriors alike.


Popular articles include Common “Weekend Warrior” Injuries, How To Heal Broken Bones Faster, and Mental Health Benefits of Golfing.

5. Tech – Cutting Edge Tech & Healthcare

The ‘Tech Channel is where Doctorpedia explores the intersection of science, technology, and humans. The content in this channel deals with the innovations of tomorrow, with news about forward-thinking technologies including apps, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, wearables, and other ways that technology is transforming health and medicine. The Chief Medical Officer for this channel is Dr. Kyle Bickel – one of our carpal tunnel syndrome doctor experts and the founder of the Hand Center of San Francisco.


Popular articles include Are Robots Taking Over? Robotics in Healthcare and Medicine, 3D Printing: Sci-Fi or Reality?, and Hurtful Posts: Pain and the Internet.

6. Wellness – Take Control Of Your Health

Health nuts – we all have a few of them in our lives. We may even be health nuts ourselves. The Wellness channel is the place where these health nuts can learn about how our daily life activities have a lasting effect on our overall physical and mental health. Together with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anshul Gupta, we have assembled content about exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, and weight loss that can help you take control of your health.


Popular articles include Sunrise Alarm Clocks, How Caffeine May Be Affecting Your Mental Health, and Don’t Stress Yourself (Seriously – It’s Worse For You Than You Think).

We hope that these channels have piqued your interest (and if they did, check them out!) but definitely stay tuned as we continue to launch more channels and please reach out to us if you think of a good one!

Doctor Profile

Josh Hamburger

Head of Content/Product

Josh Hamburger is Doctorpedia's Head of Content and Product. Josh is responsible for many aspects of the company's offering including managing all of the content that goes on every website, brand messaging, external documents, and building each condition website. With a background in film/television production and screenwriting, Josh is passionate about storytelling and works hard to connect everyone with the story of Doctorpedia.

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