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Innovation Spotlight

How Buttons and Analytics Enhance Our Videos

October 10, 2019

What is our secret sauce? Simply put, we believe in “The Proximity Principle”. Coined by Ken Coleman, it was developed for people looking for their dream work opportunity and the formula is:


The Right People + The Right Places = Opportunities


We have been working with the proximity principle as it relates to healthcare. What it means to us at Doctorpedia is when people have health problems, they often need urgent access to the right people (the leading doctors in the world) and the right places (useful and immediate resources, products and services that ensure the best possible health outcomes.)


If you’ve been keeping up with this blog over the past few months, you’ll know that Doctorpedia has two faces: there is our library of engaging videos with helpful medical knowledge and doctor-led expertise and the vetted resources like apps, clinical trials, books, non-profit organizations, and much more.


We are continually combining these two faces through technological innovations that further transform our videos into valuable and user-friendly resources. We are excited to share some of these updates with you now!

Next Steps


The Next Steps video player delivers on Doctorpedia’s mission to provide immediate options for patients at the most actionable times. In this case, users can watch a Doctorpedia video and go directly to a resource that can help them specifically – all without even leaving the video!

The initial 70,000+ people that used our current video player were very engaged when using the immediate next step functionality right beside the video —  so needless to say that we are excited to be testing the buttons on the video itself to see if this makes our product even more user-friendly!

Learn More


While Doctorpedia’s videos are learning tools themselves, we encourage our users to seek out as much information as possible to become more informed and educated patients. This is why the Learn More functionality is so exciting for us! By clicking on the Learn More buttons, users can check out the various related pages and read more about the topic in the video screen itself – all while the video still plays! How is that for a user-friendly experience?


Simply click on one of the buttons to read Frequently Asked Questions, Articles, or other content without having to go to a new page:



We are always looking for ways to connect with our users and one of the best ways to do that is through social media. With this player, users can click through to Doctorpedia’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages for more content and to connect with us with feedback or questions.

Doctor Directory


Every Doctorpedia website features a full doctor directory of specialists in the United States who deal with the condition. With this video player, we can make this directory available to users while watching the video so they can find a doctor near them right on the spot.

Product Partner


We are proud to partner with helpful products and services that are doctor-approved and useful for patients. For example, we are in discussions to assist Dario – a diabetes management tool and app to easily monitor your blood glucose with your smartphone. With this video player, users can click right through to the Dario landing page and find a helpful tool to manage their blood glucose from a relevant video.

What’s great about all of this is that the advanced analytics in the background of each video show us exactly when a button is clicked during a video, so that we can better understand our users’ feelings and gauge at what point they want to engage, explore, or take a next step.

We plan to integrate these players into many more of our videos soon and will post further updates when we do!

Doctor Profile

Josh Hamburger

Head of Content/Product

Josh Hamburger is Doctorpedia's Head of Content and Product. Josh is responsible for many aspects of the company's offering including managing all of the content that goes on every website, brand messaging, external documents, and building each condition website. With a background in film/television production and screenwriting, Josh is passionate about storytelling and works hard to connect everyone with the story of Doctorpedia.

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