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January 2019 Transparency Report

Building a Doctor-Led Network of Websites

February 13, 2019

This is our first transparency report for Doctorpedia. We are all very excited to start spreading our vision for the future of health media around the world!

For the past 2-3 years, we have been busy building Doctorpedia’s DNA. We have spent countless hours learning from industry experts and improving our practices and offering. We have greatly enjoyed filming our knowledgeable and insightful doctors, editing the condition videos, testing (and testing and more testing) and doing everything we can to polish our products ahead of our big launch.


Our vision is to provide the best experience for those looking for medical videos, written content, tools, and resources and to provide them with credible, engaging, and specific doctor-approved solutions to their needs. Our videos have been curated by America’s leading doctors and have been organized on our website with the patient’s journey in mind.


Doctorpedia aims to bring the best doctors in the United States straight to you via your favorite devices. Our doctors are some of the most passionate, caring, and business-savvy people in the world. We are thrilled to now share our vision with the world and use our doctor-led websites to change lives.


Following our soft launch in late October, this month we officially released and commenced our initial digital marketing campaign. We have been working around the clock – extensively testing the website with each update. We are excited to share some of this data with you!

Page 1 Google – January 29th 2019

With Over 30,500,000 results…

There are over 30,500,000 results for “helpful diabetes apps” and we are delighted to have our first page 1 ranking so incredibly quickly!

Diabetes videos series

We have worked with our production team to produce 103 videos for Diabetespedia

Doctors featured on Diabetespedia

Each of our doctors on Diabetespedia has a unique perspective to share based on their expertise and specialties. This gives the user a holistic experience that caters to individual needs.


Research conducted by our team showed that medical information is mostly consumed by women and the traffic we received on Facebook proved this to be true. 79% of our visitors were female and 23% were male.


Let’s talk about age. It’s easy to tell by our brand and tone of voice that we’re considering the 18-40 year old group as our early adopters. This is reflected in our messaging, colors, and even the media outlets that covered our launch.

It was very encouraging to see the response from this age group and we were delighted by the mass of people in their early 20’s to mid-30’s engaging with our content.


Our strategy in phase 1 is to use paid promotions to spread brand awareness and gain more active followers who engage and promote our brand on their own. Through our current marketing campaign, we have increased our natural reach by 474%! Post reach for the month was over 240,000 and our Facebook follower count is now over 96,000.

Most Viewed Facebook Posts:


Our Instagram account has been steadily growing since we started posting content at the beginning of the month. We are now over 5,000 followers and have reached 66,486 accounts around the world. Last week alone we had over 2,000 actions taken on our page.

Favorite Instagram Post:

Some of the many social comments received:

Moving forward, we cannot wait to continue helping online users by posting engaging, informative and fun content. Using the data and research gathered we will look to improve our campaigns and expand our reach to the hundreds of millions of people looking for online health information. And we will continue to publish these transparency reports standing firm in our values of making Doctorpedia an open, trusted and honest experience for all.

Doctor Profile

Christopher Claxton

Christopher Claxton is the Production, and Digital Media Manager for Doctorpedia. Christopher holds a BFA in Film and Television and a Marketing Minor from the Eller School of Business, University of Arizona. Having a brother affected with Cerebral Palsy, Christopher saw the need for informative and creative medical videos and is passionate and dedicated to the mission of Doctorpedia. Since the company’s inception, Christopher has provided leadership and creative direction in all aspects of the video production process, marketing, and creative strategies.

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