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April 2020 Transparency Report

Massive Growth In Social Media Engagement

April 27, 2020

Coronavirus Videos


The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the lives of people around the world. From stay-at-home orders to financial instability and anxiety around the subject, people have been subjected to a lot of stress these last few months. More than ever people have been looking online for trustworthy answers to their health questions. Bombarded with sensational and often inaccurate information, Doctorpedia’s mission – to provide people with access to balanced and factual information directly from doctors – has been as urgent as ever.


Because of travel restrictions and to ensure the safety of our production teams, we had to innovate how to take on this task. We had Doctorpedia doctors film themselves from home and used online video transferring services to deliver the footage to our post-production team.


We created a series of COVID-19 videos from doctors on the frontline, aimed at clearing up any misconceptions about the virus. We constantly updated this content with the latest data and best practices surrounding the disease and our empathetic doctors provided people with reassurance and support.

3,000,000 Views And Counting


In only the first month since posting the series, we have received over 3,000,000 views across all of our video content.

Our most popular video was “COVID-19 Test Results” by our emergency medicine physician and Doctorpedia Founding Medical Partner Dr. Christopher Conti. We received over 1,000,000 views on this video alone:

We were thrilled to see so much engagement from viewers in reactions, comments, and shares. It really puts everything into perspective when we realize that each one of these people was able to access credible and reassuring information about the pandemic because keeping the public informed is priority #1 when it comes to flattening the curve.

Live Coronavirus Webcast


We also produced a weekly livestream webcast with our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pracha Peter Eamranond called Doctors On The Frontline. We wanted to have content that was more in depth and that used a webcast format to detail the experiences that healthcare workers around the world were having during this crisis. To date, we have released 8 webcasts that cover a wide range of COVID-19 related topics including the perspective of a doctor working on the crisis in Italy and breaking down mental health issues during the pandemic.

Our live-stream content currently has over 300,000 views and has been broadcast to our 112,000+ followers:

Every webcast episode is hosted by one or both of our passionate and insightful hosts – Dr. Pracha Eamranond and Dr. Ashely Alker. We are beyond thrilled that they have come on board to help us provide trusted information and actionable takeaways to a global audience with empathy, authenticity, and perspective.

The guests are associated with some of the top institutions including Harvard and Yale and are renowned thought leaders.  Here are some sample episodes:



Our content team has also been hard at work creating articles about COVID-19 that cover everything from the effect on a person’s lifestyle during a pandemic to the latest research on the virus. We have posted the articles on our facebook page and have since received a post reach of over 7 million in the last month alone.

We are constantly learning from the data and reports to determine whom we are reaching with our content. The main age group that has seen our posts is 25-34 year olds:

Engagement With Videos


The Doctorpedia engagement levels have been some of the highest globally for any health platform and we’re honored to be connecting meaningfully with so many people.


In the below snapshot of Facebook engagement statistics from the week of April 1st-7th, you can see that we are outperforming both established government health websites and billion dollar commercial websites with our user engagement.


In fact, our engagement (views, shares, likes, comments) is over 3 times more than the size of our social media community.

Due to all of these exciting updates, we have seen our following on Facebook skyrocket this month by 20% to over 18,000 users, bringing our total to 113,000 followers.


We feel deeply privileged to be able to provide people with trusted and engaging doctor-led information during these trying times and play our role in helping people feel more in control and empowered through educational content and resources that they can understand.

Doctor Profile

Christopher Claxton

Christopher Claxton is Doctorpedia's Head of Video. Christopher holds a BFA in Film and Television and a Marketing Minor from the Eller School of Business, University of Arizona. Having a brother affected with Cerebral Palsy, Christopher saw the need for informative and creative medical videos and is passionate and dedicated to the mission of Doctorpedia. Since the company’s inception, Christopher has provided leadership and creative direction in all aspects of the video production process, marketing, and creative strategies.

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