Nikhil Desai

Social Media Manager

Nikhil Desai is a fourth-year student at The Ohio State University studying Biomedical Science. His goal is to become a physician that informs and empowers patients who do not have connections to healthcare. He will be applying to medical school during the next cycle to pursue this dream.


In addition to being a student, Nikhil is an educational social media influencer. He creates content that educates prospective students on the premedical process, college admissions, and scholarships and student aid. He has compiled an audience of over 190K+ followers on Tiktok and over 10K+ followers on Instagram. As a medical professional, he aims to use his platform to educate the lay public on complicated medical concepts and issues.


Nikhil serves as Doctorpedia’s head of social media, creating content across a multitude of social channels.

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