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Aaptiv is the weight loss surgery app that offers “A New You in 30 Days”. The app’s extensive resources include 2,500+ workouts from certified trainers, with an additional 30+ workouts a week. The workouts vary from short 7-minute programs to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to preparing for marathons. Unlimited access is offered for $14.99 a month, $99.99 a year, or lifetime access for $399.99. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee for the annual subscription.



Aaptiv is provides users with a variety of exercises to help maintain and increase weight loss. It allows you to participate in group challenges while still working through a personalized routine. The instruction of trainers combined with the ability to create a playlist is a hit among many reviewers.


Group Challenges and Personalized Routine

The personalized exercise routines of Aaptiv are audio-only expert instructions supported by motivational song playlists to keep users moving. The personalized routine is great in terms of tailoring the workout to the needs of the user, and group challenges are a way to join a fitness group session from the comfort of your own home. However, the group sessions aren’t for everyone, and there are those who might not like the frequent transitions included in the group challenge sessions.


Certified Trainers and Music-Led Workouts

There are 2,500+ workouts, all of which are created by certified personal trainers. Users will receive audio-only instruction to guide them – perfect for some, but perhaps less than ideal for those who prefer a more visual approach. Ultimately, the workouts assisting the instruction are one of the most praised aspects of Aaptiv, with the goal being to keep users motivated to reach their weight loss targets.

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