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Contact Lenses Tracker is an app that tracks the number of days contact lenses are useful and notifies users when it’s time to change. The app opens by requesting users to add their contact lenses. After choosing the type of contact (weekly, biweekly, monthly) and the date they were first used, the screen shows the remainder of days they are good until they need to be changed. The sidebar has a function that allows extra days. Users can also choose to upgrade to the Pro Version for $4.99.



Contact Lenses Tracker can count down from any time the user sets to wear their contact lenses. The notifications can be very helpful to remind users when it’s time to change. The ability to enter prescription information is useful, but it could be better if the app recognized the brand name and type of contact lenses and automatically adjusted the remaining time to fit the manufacturer’s recommendations.



Contact Lenses Tracker accurately tracks the number of days contacts are useful. The types of contact lenses can be adjusted from weekly to biweekly or monthly. Also, users can opt to add extra days into their lenses’ calendar of use. This can be especially helpful if they do not wear their contact lenses every day. The app lets users add their prescription. This way, it’s handy if they ever need to reference it when ordering new contact lenses or eyeglasses.



The app advertises that users can upgrade to the Pro Version for $4.99. However, neither the app nor the App Store explain what advantages the Pro Version offers over the free version. It would be helpful if, when entering the prescription, brand name, and type, the app recognized them and automatically adjusted the remaining days to what the manufacturer recommends.

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