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What complications are there with IBS?

Avatar Dr. Kyle Bickel Jun 21, 2019

In irritable bowel syndrome (because it is a syndrome of symptoms) you typically don’t get the serious complications one sees in other digestive disorders. However, it can be very frustrating. It can have significant effects on your quality of life and have significant impact on your relationships. It can affect people in many different ways from the quality of life, from their social interactions, from work-related limitations. From that standpoint, yes – if you call them complications, it can definitely have an impact on one’s life. But it typically does not lead to hospitalization. It typically does not lead to a requirement for surgery, strong medications. Irritable bowel syndrome can have a significant impact on people’s quality of life – their social interactions, their performance at school or at work – however, it doesn’t typically lead to serious health complications. Because it is a constellation of symptoms, patients typically are not hospitalized for this and they don’t require surgery or very strong medications for irritable bowel syndrome.

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