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Acne – Diet

December 8, 2021


Although acne in teens is connected to hormonal surges, recent studies suggest that diet plays a role in adult acne. Sugary foods and drinks with high fat foods like milk and meats were linked to higher incidences of current acne among adults in one survey. In fact, compared to people who didn’t have a history of developing acne, those who had it during the survey were 76% more likely to say they’ve had at least five glasses of milk the day before. That means regulating your diet can help control outbreaks. In particular, avoid foods that are high on the glycemic index. This index shows which foods contain sugars that spike insulin production in your body. White processed carbs that are starchy and sugary can increase dead skin cells called keratin, which can block your pores. Consuming an excessive amount of dairy can also aggravate acne.

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