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Andres Macias – Video Business Card

December 21, 2021


I’m an anesthesiologist in Boston, Massachusetts. I came to Boston in 2004. Originally from Columbia, South America. I did my training in anesthesia at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. And then I did an acute pain and rear anesthesia fellowship in Boston, Massachusetts at the same hospital. I’m currently the Chief of Anesthesia at Massachusetts Eye and Ear in Boston. I’m an Assistant Professor of Anesthesia at the Harvard Medical School. I chose to go into anesthesia to provide pain relief and make my patients comfortable and to help my patients in a very critical moment where they’re ready to go for surgery. In a split of a second before you go, and then you’re asleep for two, three hours before you wake up. 80% of our practice at the hospital I am is ambulatory anesthesia, which is kind of the future of anesthesia for most of our surgeries. I hope that these videos bring a lot of attention, bring a lot of information that you can use next time you’re faced with a decision on having surgery. Again, welcome aboard, welcome to Doctorpedia, and please enjoy the videos.

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