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Asthma – Inhaler and Nebulizer Machine

March 15, 2021


Proper inhaler technique is necessary to ensure the inhaler medications are delivered to the lungs and airways. Before leaving your doctor's office with a new inhaler prescription, be sure you are confident about knowing how to use the inhaler. In my clinic, my nursing team reviews dosing and inhaler technique with anyone with a new prescription. Also of note, if you've been prescribed an inhaled steroid medication, make sure you wash your mouth well and gargle after use to minimize risk of developing thrush. Some patients will experience difficulty with coordination and timing to properly use their inhaler medications. These patients may benefit from a nebulizer machine. The nebulizer machine converts liquid medications into a mist, allowing the patients to more slowly inhale the medications. Nebulizer machines are simple to use, but much more time-consuming than an inhaler medication.

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