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Birthmarks – Complications

December 9, 2021


For port wine stains, 15 to 20% of children who have them on their eyelid or forehead can develop serious abnormalities, which is referred to as Sturge Weber syndrome. To ensure the brain is developing normally, an ophthalmologist will need to conduct an eye exam. An MRI may be necessary to make sure the brain is developing normally. Even if they aren’t causing issues with your child’s mental development, port wine stains can be disfiguring when they’re on the face. Working with a dermatologist to remove them will help protect your child from being teased and / or bullied. Congenital melanocytic nevi may not present issues for children, but it can turn into a melanoma, a form of skin cancer, as they get older. Although for small moles the chance is about 1% or less, for large ones, this increases to 5%. It is important to monitor the congenital nevi for changes that could indicate cancer is developing.

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