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Birthmarks – When to see a Doctor

December 13, 2021


Different types of birthmarks carry different risks. Most strawberry birthmarks do not require treatment. However, marks that are larger on the face near the eyes, the nose, the mouth, ear, or genitalia do require intervention often. These can grow faster than your infant during the first six to eight months, sometimes quite alarmingly. They can also affect their vision, hearing, or speech, breathing, and feeding. And those are also indications to consider treatment. If it’s not treated, they can become life threatening or life altering. It can be alarming to see one double in size in just a couple of weeks. Even if it’s not near a vital part of the body, parents should seek medical attention for their child to ensure that the birthmark and it’s not cancer. Check with your pediatrician and move to a pediatric dermatologist if there are further concerns.

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