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Borderline Personality Disorder – Associated Behaviors

November 21, 2021


Similar to the other personality disorders, what basically identifies a person for borderline personality disorder is the symptomology that they present with. The relationships that they have, the abandonment, the low self-esteem, the suicidality, the harmful behaviors to themselves, such as cutting, engaging in physical mutilation. So these are some of the manifestations that the person that suffers from borderline personality disorder will manifest with. In addition to that, because of this profound low self-esteem, people with borderline personality disorder often find themselves in very impulsive, very abusive relationships. These are people that can engage in risky behavior that puts themselves at risk. And as a result of this risky behavior, these are individuals that can be susceptible to developing substance use disorders. And these are also individuals that, if not treated, they can have a very difficult time in their personal relationships, including relationships with peers or colleagues, family members, including children, and their partners.

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