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Borderline Personality Disorder – Dialectical Behavior Therapy

November 21, 2021


A gold standard for borderline personality disorder is a treatment called dialectical behavioral therapy. This therapy formulated started in the eighties was loosely based out of cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the basis that we have automatic thoughts, and we should try to dispute these automatic thoughts. Dialectical behavioral therapy is similar to that, but it also brings in other concepts such as mindfulness. And it has a Eastern treatment form, an Eastern role perspective or focusing on mindfulness, behavioral therapy, basically being in the moment. Dialectical behavioral therapy was basically used to treat for individuals that suffer from a suicidal ideation. Borderline personality disorder can also be used for people that have post traumatic stress disorder. And what is important about dialectical behavioral therapy, how it basically manifests itself is that it utilizes a team. Because dealing with a borderline personality disordered individual, that can be very emotionally draining for one individual.

So by having a team format of the dialectical behavioral therapy, that is important because it helps provide more security for the individual with the borderline personality disorder. And as I stated before, one of the key things about this more intense form of therapy is, one: the patient has access to the therapist more often than aspects of therapy. The person that’s actually providing therapy, they are part of a support system outside of that one-on-one therapy, than to provide to that patient. The goals of the dialectical behavioral therapy is to help the patient have emotional regulation. We want to prevent, minimize emotional dysregulation as much as possible.

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