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Borderline Personality Disorder – Impact of Untreated Condition

December 2, 2021


What you see in these type of disorders is, not only is the disorder adversely affecting the individual themselves, what really stands out about these disorders is the impact that it has around those around them, and what that actually means from a multitude of perspectives. Individually, person with a borderline personality disorder will have a very difficult time raising their children and that within itself, their children may pick up pathological traits from them. Issues of work. Not really being able to function or being under… Having a position that doesn’t fully meet all of their potential. Not being able to successfully complete school, having difficulty in relationships with friends and significant others. So these issues when people do not adequately treat the borderline personality disorder, the emotional dysregulation leads to so much pain for that individual. And it can be prevented, because ultimately — and these individuals are very susceptible that when the need, when the pain is too much, these are individuals that they can actually attempt and successfully complete suicide. And we want to avoid that at all costs.

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