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BPH – Home Remedies

February 17, 2021


There are several do's and don'ts for men with BPH and associated urinary symptoms. For example, do drink a lot of water and do maintain regular bowel movements. Frankly also, do maintain a regular degree of sexual activity. On the other side, you know, don't hydrate with alcohol or caffeine, both of which are diuretics, both of which can be acidic. So diuretics mean that there's more urine that makes to the bladder and has to be expelled. Ultimately, these things are often dehydrating to that extent. The acidity in these and other beverages is a reality. So men who have irritated bladders, who are already in some degree of overactivity respond negatively to having caffeine, alcohol, spicy things, citrus, and by all means cranberry. So there's this sense that cranberry cures everything in the urinary tract. And in fact is a horrible idea for someone who has overactivity of the bladder, both men and women. So in general, there's some things to do, some things to don't. And as far as things that we can take that could aggravate the symptoms of BPH, I would caution against the use of decongestants. Decongestants tighten the sphincter muscle beyond the prostate and make everything harder, with regards to emptying. So avoid those as well.

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