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BPH – Home Remedies

February 14, 2021


Regarding home remedies for BPH, there are some fairly straightforward ones that might provide some relief. Something called a sitz bath, which is nothing more than soaking in a warm tub, can provide significant relief to patients with BPH symptoms. Kegel exercises, which are muscle strengthening exercises of the pelvic floor, can also sometimes help improve urinary symptoms. Herbal remedies and supplements are often brought up in the context of BPH and some patients perceive significant benefit. The most common ones discussed are saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, pygeum, and ryegrass pollen extract. The problem with some of these is they haven't been vigorously scientifically studied, and when they have, the results are somewhat underwhelming. So for example, with saw palmetto, there was a very large study done where half of the patients got saw palmetto and half got a sugar pill placebo, and they objectively measured urinary flow. And there wasn't a noticeable difference.

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