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Brachial Plexus Injury – Latest Research and Information

May 3, 2021


The field of brachial plexus reconstructive surgery is grown by leaps and bounds even over the last decade. Annually, new nerve transfer options are introduced to our armamentarium. In addition to this, there's quite a bit of research going on with other medications and stimulation paradigms, which can cause nerves to grow faster, grow better, recover more quickly, or get even greater strength as a result of the nerve repairs that we were doing. Many of these have not yet hit the market, but we expect them to within the next year or two. Because a brachial plexus injury is a relatively rare injury, there aren't nearly as many patient information sources. There are for more common injuries. There are certainly articles within Pubmed in the medical literature. There are entire books on the reconstruction and rehabilitation of brachial plexus injuries, but there are very few books that are geared towards patients and their expectations with these types of injuries and reconstructions. We therefore are working on such a book and hope to have one out within the next year.

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