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Cancer – Advances in Treatment

September 10, 2021


In our previous video, we go over how not only the cancers are different based on where they originate, so a prostate and breast cancer will be totally different than a leukemia or lymphoma or even pancreatic cancer. So they all have different survivals. They all have different treatment regimens, right? Back in the day, that wasn't necessarily the case even 10 to 20 years ago, well, let's say 20 years ago. A lot of it was general "cytotoxic chemotherapy." It's the stuff that more or less is kind of poison. And that's why you hear a lot of bad experiences about people that were treated for cancer, especially our moms and our grandparents and our dads, because it was a shotgun approach to try to kill something that was very difficult to stop. And we go over all that previously on why it's hard to stop and how they're all different. What we talked about specifically is that cancer cells are regular cells that developed mechanisms that all of our regular cells have, but are unregulated. So meaning the switch that says continue to grow, it gets stuck on on. When all of our regular cells, that switch turns off. The switch that says, blow up, you're unhealthy, or you have some mutations, or we need to attack you, all of those buttons on that keyboard that our normal cells have, that keyboard doesn't work anymore. And so it's not stopped when it's supposed to be. That's where our treatment is going now.

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