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Cancer – Risk Factors

March 4, 2021


Tobacco is probably the most well-known risk factor for developing cancers. It’s estimated that at least 40% of all cancers form because of tobacco exposure. Age is another risk factor. About 80% of all cancers form in patients over the age of 50. Sun exposure is a risk factor. That’s called ultraviolet radiation. Other forms of radiation are a risk factor such as x-rays, radon exposure. Virus transmission, in some rare cases can be associated with cancer. Exposure to hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HPV are well known to cause cancers. The last group of risk factors have to do with lifestyle choices. Alcohol consumption, having a sedentary lifestyle without enough exercise and excess weight or obesity. Several cancers are linked to obesity, including lung cancer, colon cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer. So those are the six main risk factors for developing cancer.

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