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COPD – Chronic Condition

March 30, 2021


So COPD is a chronic condition and the management of patients really should be individualized for each patient depending on the severity of their disease, how well their lung is functioning and multiple other factors, including other comorbid conditions that they may or may not have. In terms of how long patients can live with COPD, this is very much an open-ended question, and it really is dependent on how well the patient's health in general is overall. If you're someone with just mild COPD without any significant comorbid conditions, no heart disease, no diabetes, no real other medical problems, your life expectancy is relatively good in comparison to other peers that you have. Versus in patients, in people with more advanced disease, quality of life becomes much more poor, life expectancy becomes much decreased in comparison to your age-related peers. This is mostly due to frequent rates of exacerbations and hospitalizations. And unfortunately, this is how most patients with COPD usually end up passing.

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