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COVID-19 Long Hauler – Risk Factors

Serena Satcher, MD Serena Satcher, MD February 17, 2021


So research and a couple of recent studies identified five factors that were associated with people being more likely to experience long-term COVID-19 symptoms. Number one was being older, number two, being overweight, or having a slightly higher than average body mass index, number three was being female, number four, having asthma, number five, having experienced a greater number of different COVID-19 symptoms during their first week of the illness. Females have been found to be 50% more likely to experience the long-term symptoms. And this is not surprising considering that women are more complex regarding their immune systems and their hormonal systems. And they're more likely to have auto-immune diseases, which, with the causes being poorly understood, therefore more likely to have complex responses to the infection. It's also found that more older adults had prolonged recoveries from COVID-19 than younger patients. Of course, more studies need to be done in this area as well.

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