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COVID-19 Long Hauler – Vaccine

February 17, 2021


So when thinking about the COVID-19 vaccine, there are many considerations. And having had COVID-19 infection may alter a person's response to the vaccine. Each case is individual. And of course the person is going to have to consult their primary care doctor or their physician to be able to go over their own specifics and how it's going to affect them and their family, and look at the risk and the benefits. Individual considerations have not really been discussed in the media or considered for the general population based on history or severity of the COVID-19 infection. Some people are at high risk due to occupation or age, so they may be more likely to be candidates for getting the vaccine. Others may have immune systems that are challenged with allergy or auto-immunity. And that's when you really want to talk to the doctor to go over your specifics, because there have been complications regarding people with allergy and auto-immune. The vaccine have risk and the data are changing every day. And now we have new vaccines coming onto the market from, I believe it's Johnson and Johnson and Novavax, and these are different types of vaccines from the first two vaccines that came out, which were mRNA vaccines. So you may want to call me for a consult or go to my website and access getting an appointment with me if you would like to discuss this further. Because like I said, it's very specific to the person.

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