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Covid-19 – Smell Treatment



In terms of therapy, that is to either get the patient to get your smell returned or to help with the adverse smell that is not working in terms of smelling foul odors. What we want to do is enhance the ability of the nerves to work better. In other words, rehabilitate them. We would rehabilitate them through two mechanisms: one is applying an anti-inflammatory through a nasal spray that gets to the base of the skull where the smell nerves sit. We do this by having you spray a particular kind of antiinflammatory spray into the nose and actually you blow into it, which then enhances the ability of the spray to get to where it needs to go. Additionally, what we do is we do smell therapy. Smell therapy is where we have you smell different kinds of smells, which help to stimulate the smell nerves and get the attachments back from the nose into the base of the skull into the brain where the smell nerves sit, and allow them to then have communication once again, because in fact it’s that communication that the virus disrupts. So far what we’ve had is reasonably good success in this regard and 95% of patients will get a return of smell to normal.

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