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Dealing with a sore mouth and nutrition in cancer treatment

December 29, 2021


Experiencing a sore mouth or soreness in the throat or tongue can be a reaction to cancer treatment. While a sore mouth as a side effect will clear up over time, it’s unpleasant to deal with. Having easy to chew and swallow foods available can help in making you receive the needed nutrients if this problem occurs. Bananas, applesauce, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and scrambled eggs are a few examples that would be helpful to include in your nutritional needs. Refrain from drinking alcohol. Alcohol can aggravate the lining of the mouth, making any issues potentially worse. Eat foods cool or at room temperature. Hot or cold food can be irritating. However, some may find that popsicles can soothe the soreness. If possible, seeing a dentist before starting cancer treatment or in between treatments can prevent any future dental problems.

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