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Dealing with taste and smell changes in cancer treatment

December 29, 2021


After being diagnosed with cancer and throughout your treatment process, you might notice a change in how food smells or tastes. While this may happen because the cancer itself or the specific treatment you’re on, your senses often improve after your treatment ends. The bad news in this is that there is no prevention of these issues, but there are methods to deal with this change. For example, soak or marinate the flavor of your meats. You can make or buy your marinades. Just be sure to read the nutrition labels. Remember, while marinating your food, keep it in the fridge until you’re prepared to cook your meal. See if recipes that include orange, lemon, lime, or vinegar improve the taste of your foods, except in the case of managing a sore throat or mouth. Do not eat tart foods in this situation. Adding extra flavors like onions or herbs or oregano and basil can also be beneficial. Barbecue sauce can be helpful as well, if your meal includes chicken or meat or vegetables,

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