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Dealing with weight gain in cancer treatment

December 29, 2021


When we think about changes due to cancer or cancer treatment, weight gain is not the first side effect that people think about, but can actually happen. Certain types of cancer or therapy can cause weight gain and you feel puffy due to your body retaining water. Other times, treatments can increase your appetite or cause fatigue. Of course, being less active can cause weight gain. If this happens, eating lots of fruits and vegetables can help you feel full without adding too many calories. Foods that are high in fiber, such as whole grain breads, cereal, and pasta are great substitutes compared to other less nutrient dense foods. With that said, check with your doctor before adding fiber to your diet, since there are specific types of cancer that would not interact with foods high in fiber. Other options include choosing lean meat, such as lean beef, fish or poultry without skin, small amounts of less nutrient dense foods such as butter, mayonnaise, desserts… Fried foods are okay, but do not go overboard. Instead of frying, try to grill, roast, or steam or broil your foods instead. Generally, eating less salt will help retain less water, if weight gain is happening due to your body holding onto water,

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