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Dementia – Signs and Symptoms

January 27, 2021


"Signs that someone may be developing dementia, again, are typically at the beginning, short-term memory loss, usually a memory of recent events. So-called episodic memory loss. However, it is more than expected for age. So typically we might have some difficulty finding the right word to say, we might forget where we put something, but with dementia, it goes beyond that. A person will not recall the event. They will repeat themselves. Other symptoms of dementia - a person may be getting lost. They may be forgetting appointments. If they're still working, there's a decline in work performance. And again, with aging, we all experience some difficulties with memory, but usually it does not impact daily functioning at work. It does not impact the ability to live independently. What family members might initially notice is just some mild memory loss. But if they spend some more time with the family member, they'll notice that this is a significant decline from where they were maybe just a few months ago. Other symptoms of dementia depend on the type of dementia, as well as the overall progression. With the most common type of dementia or Alzheimer's disease, the memory loss will start to progress to involve other cognitive functions. For example, visual spatial function, which is the function dealing with how you recognize objects in space. For example, where you parked your car, being able to copy a diagram. Other signs and symptoms of dementia, particularly Alzheimer's disease, can include not being able to perform activities that they would normally be able to do. For example, following a recipe or remembering how to work a computer. Mood problems can develop in people with dementia of all types can develop depression, anxiety, agitation, obviously frustration at the inability to be able to perform things that they would normally be able to do."

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