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Dementia- Treatment



"Unfortunately, dementia cannot be cured. However, with medication and some lifestyle modifications, the progression of dementia can be significantly slowed. We also understand that with lifestyle modifications, we can delay the onset of dementia or even potentially prevent dementia from ever developing. The most important lifestyle modification is physical exercise. We know that exercising most days of the week, 30 minutes at a time, with moderate aerobic activity, does decrease the progression of dementia, as well as delay the onset or even prevent dementia. Weight loss, as well as dietary changes. In particular, the Mediterranean style diet is associated with a decreased risk of dementia. That would include a diet high in fish and fish oils, avoiding animal fats, increasing fruits and vegetables, adding some nuts. Our goal with medications for treatment of dementia is to slow the progression of the disease to help maintain independent functioning as long as possible. Unfortunately, the current medications that are available do not reverse the course of dementia or reverse the cognitive loss. However, they can significantly impact the progression of the disease. And therefore we want to start them as early as possible and as tolerated. Other important lifestyle factors that will help slow the progression of disease include controlling other risk factors, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, quitting smoking is also important. Although it doesn't cure dementia, it can significantly reduce your risk of dementia and slow the progression of the disease. Another important factor in delaying or slowing the progression of dementia includes performing stimulating activities, brain stimulating games, such as Lumosity that you find online, or puzzles. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, can help slow the progression of dementia."

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