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Depression – Homesickness



It’s very common to feel homesick when you go to college for the first time. You’ve never lived in a place that didn’t have your parents helping you and guiding you through every experience. Sure, sometimes you may fight with your parents, but that doesn’t mean you don’t miss them. They’ve been with you for your whole life up until this point, and it’s normal to feel a little sense of missing them. What’s important is to find relationships with friends and develop those relationships so that you can become an independent person. Many campuses will have activities, groups, or even support groups for students who feel homesick. You can seek these out at a college counseling center. Also talking to other students about how they’re feeling may help. Oftentimes, you are not the only one who’s feeling homesick. In fact, it’s very common. That’s why we’re making this video. Homesickness is normal and it’s part of the college experience, and if you can find the people that you can share it with, you can get through it together.

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