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Depression – In Patient and Out Patient Therapy



Inpatient therapy is round the clock therapy where you’ll get supervision from doctors, nurses, therapists, and social workers. Typically, inpatient units offer group therapy and individual therapy to help you learn skills and talk with other people about their experience. Following an inpatient stay, your doctor may suggest an intensive outpatient therapy program or partial hospitalization to make sure that you’re fully ready to go back to your regular life. Intensive outpatient therapy is a daily or semi-daily therapy where you go into a center and you see doctors, therapists, as well as social workers to help you figure out all the supports you need in order to function at the level that you’re used to. Typically, these centers will have group therapy and individual therapy. Intensive outpatient centers can be expensive, however many are covered by insurance, so please be sure to contact your insurance provider. Intensive outpatient therapy is really geared to be short term and helping you get the skills necessary to get yourself back on your feet and into your everyday life.

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