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Depression – Roommates



Sometimes it can be difficult to live with someone even if you chose to live with them. Oftentimes people will choose to live with their best friends because they think, oh, our personalities mesh so well that this can’t fail. But when you start living with each other, you start noticing little things that impact your ability to live in the space. Oftentimes, roommates struggle with having a similar level of cleanliness, noise, light, sleep times. All these things go into creating a good roommate relationship. A good way to avoid common pitfalls is to develop a set of rules and chores that each of you can do so you’re each carrying your share of the load. A roommate relationship can be something you can treasure for the rest of your life. It’s really important to not let these little quirks get in the way of a bond that could really last your whole lifetime. The bond between two roommates can last a long time and it’s important to cultivate that relationship while you’re living together in an environment where you both feel comfortable. Not only that, it’s important to have some fun. Make sure you schedule some time to just hang out with your roommate. These relationships can last a lifetime if you put that work into developing that strong roommate bond.

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