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Distal Radius Fracture – Symptoms

April 2, 2021


A distal radius fracture is usually a very painful injury. Instead of getting up from your fall and shaking things out, pain is usually quite intense if you've broken your distal radius. Pain starts localized to the wrist, but can spread pretty rapidly to the forearm and into the hand. And the pain usually goes from being moderate to severe, to being quite severe with more time as bleeding and swelling start to occur. Severe pain at the time of the injury followed shortly thereafter by increasing pain and swelling are a good indication that something's wrong and you probably broke your distal radius. You should seek medical attention. In addition to the symptoms, there's often deformity associated with fractures of the distal radius. There may be visible bowing or swelling or a change in the shape of the forearm and the wrist. That's often a sign that the bone has broken and it's displaced, it's no longer in its normal alignment.

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