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Dry Skin – Hot Showers

December 6, 2021


Do not take long, hot showers. As good as it feels, it doesn’t make your skin feel good. Your skin will dry out and it will get stressed. Instead, limit your showers, make the water more moderate or lukewarm, and no more than 10 minutes in the shower. We’re in the middle of a drought. So it’s not a bad idea to limit your showering anyway. When you get out of the shower, use a very mild moisturizer. The best moisturizers are those that do not have a lot of natural botanicals or added chemicals or fragrances. Stick to things that are very bland and have ceramides in them like CeraVe cream. In the summer months for dry skin, you may want to use something less thick and occlusive, something more lotion based, and something that your skin can breathe better through. The other thing to do when you have dry skin in the winter months is to make sure that you do not spend excessive amounts of time in the jacuzzi or in a sauna. Again, as comfortable as that feels, it dries your skin out even further. And then similarly, when you get out of the sauna, you need to rinse off, when you get out of the jacuzzi, you need to rinse off and get the chlorine off and then reapply moisturizer.

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