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DVT – Emergency Room

March 14, 2021


The primary symptoms of DVT are redness, swelling and pain. DVTs most often form in the legs. If a DVT occurs in the arms or legs, that extremity often becomes red, warm, swollen, and painful. Symptoms of blood clots in the lungs include difficulty breathing, fast heart rate, and lightheadedness. Sometimes, blood clots can lead to low grade fevers. If you have a DVT, there are a few symptoms that should bring you back to the ER immediately. These include severe difficulty breathing, severe intractable chest pain, coughing up blood or fainting could mean that the clot moved to the lungs and needs to be checked immediately. Anyone recently started on blood thinners should also look out for bleeding complications. These include bloody vomit, black or bloody stools, severe nosebleeds and severe headache.

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