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Emergency Room – COPD Trigger

March 14, 2021


Sometimes pollen, mold or environmental causes trigger COPD, just like they might in asthma. This could include pets, humidity, air pollution, and weather changes. Many more times, the flare is related to smoking. Your health will be best if you do not smoke. Otherwise, try to find the thing that triggered the breathing problems and reduce its impact on you. Addressing the cause of your COPD flare is often useful in preventing future attacks. If you have allergies to pets, mold, or pollen, sometimes adding an allergy medicine will help. Sometimes antibiotics help. Follow-up with your primary team or with a pulmonologist for your lungs or an allergist to explore potential allergies may help reduce your COPD. Your primary physician should be able to coordinate these visits. Sometimes docs in the ER will tell you to use the inhalers or nebulizers at a higher dose or more frequently when you go home from the ER. This is okay until you follow up with the primary care team. So long as you feel like you can breathe, you can stay home. Otherwise, come back in.

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