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Epidural Anesthesia – Procedure

December 23, 2021


So basically we get an intravenous in your hand to make sure that we can give you fluids, give you medications to help you relax. We do a timeout check to make sure that you’re the correct patient, that we are doing the right kind of surgery and the right kind of intubation before we start. We put monitors on your chest to check on your heart rate, we check on your blood pressure, we check on your oxygen level, and you may get a mask with oxygen to help maintain your oxygenation while we perform the epidural block. This is mainly because we will give you medications that are gonna make you sedated and a little drowsy and sleepy. In case you are getting an epidural for labor and delivery, then no sedatives will be provided to you, because we wanna make sure that you remember that moment in your life and that the baby is safe before delivery. An anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist will provide the epidural to you as well.

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