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Epilepsy – Precautions

November 17, 2021


Having epilepsy is unlike any other disorder. The potential alteration of consciousness or loss of consciousness puts the person at significant risk of injuring themselves or others. That’s why it’s important to talk to people who have had seizures, but the precautions they need to take. Most states have some pretty strict rules when it comes to having seizures and driving. Most states require at least six months to one year of seizure freedom before someone can get behind the wheel of a car. Some states even mandate that doctors inform the department of motor vehicles when someone has a seizure. Some states have no such requirements, but it’s easy to see why it’s important to restrict the driving of someone who may become altered or lose consciousness behind the wheel of a car. They can kill themselves or some innocent bystander. A few years ago in New York, a man was found not guilty of second degree manslaughter when he became unresponsive while driving. His car sped up to 93 miles per hour, crashing into the back of another car, killing one person and injuring others. It’s not just driving precautions that people with seizures need to take. It’s important to discuss not operating heavy machinery in case they have a seizure and hurt themselves or other people. It’s important to discuss the swimming safety tips for them – in particular, that they shouldn’t swim if there isn’t a lifeguard on duty or someone who is bigger than they are and a great swimmer who can pull them out of the water in case of a seizure. Among other safety precautions, holding small children from positions low to the ground so that they don’t fall on a child entering that child if they were to become unconscious due to a seizure. When talking to people who have had seizures or who have epilepsy, it’s important to address ways for them to keep themselves and others safe.

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