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First Trimester Pregnancy – Dx Pregnancy

February 17, 2021


“How do you know if you’re pregnant? Well, the most important and most common way is to have missed a menstrual period. So if you’re somebody who has regular menstrual periods once a month, and you’re really late having your period, then it’s probably a good idea to get a pregnancy test, especially if you’ve had unprotected intercourse. There’s very accurate urine pregnancy tests available from your pharmacy. And that would be another good way to start. If you find out you’re pregnant on the urine pregnancy test, not a bad idea to call your healthcare provider and start to initiate the plan to go in for your first visit. If there’s any concerns with that pregnancy or that pregnancy test, your healthcare provider may do a pregnancy blood test. Although that’s not always required because those urine tests are very accurate.

And a lot of other changes can start to happen in those early days of becoming pregnant, you can feel really tired. You can notice changes in your appetite or your sleeping. All of those things can start to contribute to a sense of, you know what, I might be pregnant. So if you’re trying to get pregnant and you find out you are, congratulations. And if you’re not trying to get pregnant, and you’re starting to have some concern about missing your period or not really sure about whether you are or not, go get that urine pregnancy test and give your doctor a call to find out more about how to follow up.”

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