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Gallbladder Removal – Preparing for Procedure



What is going to be my lifestyle? When can I go back to the gym, ride my bike, or pick up my granddaughter? These are very appropriate and good questions that many ask of us before the surgery or after. And generally speaking, an old professor of mine taught me that generally speaking, if it doesn’t hurt, you can do it. So after a gallbladder surgery, people will return to their normal lifestyle, I would say within two to three weeks. It’s relatively quick, and again, everything that I say is a general statement about the patients who will have this condition and will have that treatment. Every person is different, and that’s why we explain the anticipated, but also we explain some of the things that can go a little bit to the left instead of the right. And so we cover all this before the patient will make a decision, whether they agree to have the surgery or not. It’s not a mandate by the surgeon. It’s a partnership between the surgeon and the patient and the patient’s families.

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