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Gallstones – Gallstones and Kidney Stones

June 8, 2021


A kidney stone is also a stone that forms in your body. So what is the difference between gallstones versus kidney stones? Well, the difference is, of course, where the two different stones form. As we have said, a gallstone will form in the gallbladder where a kidney stone forms, well, in your kidneys. Gallstones are a condition of the digestive tract and kidney stones affect the urinary tract. Gallstones are made up of either excess cholesterol or bilirubin deposits from the liver, whereas kidney stones form when there is an excess of certain minerals in your urine. Depending on the exact location of the gallstone, and if a patient is symptomatic, will determine if they will need any treatment. Treatment often involves a surgical or endoscopic procedure, depending on the location of the gallstone. Whereas with kidney stones, removing the kidney is not an option and any surgery that may be required is more to break the stones into smaller pieces so that they can be passed to remove.

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