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Garrett Rossi – Video Business Card

May 26, 2021


"Hi everyone. My name is Dr. Garrett Rossi, and I'm a psychiatrist with a unique interest in addiction treatment and mental health advocacy. So I come from a blue collar background where I watched the social determinants of health really impact my family members. Specifically, I had several members of my family who struggled with opioid addiction and other members who struggled with mental illness. And I felt helpless in those situations to do anything, to impact them in a meaningful way. When I made the decision to go to medical school, it was not hard for me to choose a specialty like psychiatry, because I knew that that is where I saw a lot of the things I wanted to change, not only in my family, but in my community as well. So it was easy for me to make that decision. I wanted to understand not only the biology of mental illness, but also the psychology behind it, any environmental factors that determine how we feel in terms of our mental health. I've always been an educator. I love education. I've always seen it as a way of rising out of your current circumstances. And that's what it did for me, as a student. So I like to educate not only my medical students, my residents and my patients, but I wanted to bring my expertise and knowledge to a wider audience on Doctorpedia. And I wanted to also educate the Doctorpedia community, not only about mental health topics, but also to hopefully help reduce stigma associated with mental health treatment. Because even though we've made a lot of progress in the area of mental health treatment and the stigma related to it, it is still not perfect. And I still hear lot of people struggling with the stigma associated with receiving treatment for mental health conditions. So hopefully through our education, our interaction here, we can help not only to bring you the topics that you're interested in and help you to learn more about mental health treatment, but also hopefully to expand that mental health knowledge to a wider audience while reducing stigma at the same time. So please visit my page for more information, continue to check back on Doctorpedia for updates. I will be creating content on a regular basis related to mental health."

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