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Genetics – Future Development

February 27, 2021


First, in 10 years, I see the proliferation of tools that allow for these technologies to be used in much more practical ways, by both patients and clinicians will have vastly improved. They should be on handheld devices in every system that's being used by clinicians. Basically patient and clinician facing systems that allow people to translate the power of their own genetics and epigenetics into practice. The second thing is that there should be much, much better representation across the globe of individuals who have had their genome sequenced. Right now, we're still in a stage where the dominant set of data that's available comes from people of European background and not from African or Asian background, which really limits the amount of analyses that we can do. The third thing is that I think we'll have much more insight into how genes are expressed, which we all know is very important given hormonal factors and lifestyle factors, all sorts of environmental factors. And turning genes on and off. And the understanding of this phenomenon will be much greater than it is today.

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