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Gout – Treatment

February 17, 2021


After confirming the diagnosis of gout, there are multiple options for treatment of gout attacks. For milder joint pain, there are multiple over the counter medication, when taken in higher doses, could be effective to control the pain. In case of more severe attacks, your doctor could prescribe you medication specific for gout pain. Colchisine is one of such medication, which is very effective in controlling the pain from gout attacks. In case of more severe arthritis, your doctor could also prescribe steroids, which are very effective in controlling the gout attacks. After your first painful attack of gout, you might be eager to know how you could prevent future attacks of gout. One of the important strategy in the management of gout is to lower your uric acid level. With this strategy, your future risk of gout could be reduced. There are multiple medications that are used to reduce the uric acid level. Some of the common ones include allopurinol and febuxostat. There are newer medication which are very effective in controlling and lowering down uric acid level. One of them is called pegloticase. One of the other important strategy in the treatment of gout is dietary modifications. There are certain diet, which are high in purine and uric acid. This includes red meat and sea foods like anchovies, scallop, and tunas. Alcohol also reduce your excretion of uric acid from the kidneys. Hence is important to reduce the intake of alcohol, in particular beer and hard liquors.

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