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Hala Sabry – Video Business Card

February 13, 2021


Hello, my name is Dr. Hala Sabry and I'm board certified in Emergency Medicine. What made me go into Emergency Medicine as a specialty? Well, it's because my vast appreciation and love for every specialty in medicine. I truly love treating the entire patient in every aspect of their life and their healthcare. I especially love the emergency department because of the access of care that it gives patients who sometimes don't have access to their own primary care physician. Throughout the last ten years that I've been an emergency medicine physician, not only has my career grown, but also has my family. I am a mom to children and since then I have found that my passion for emergency medicine has really grown, to make sure that parents and children have the education they need, not only to address the emergencies as they are happening, but also for preventative health and care to keep those families healthy and to keep them out of the emergency department. My passion is to educate and so it can empower you on your wellness journey. I hope the content that I'm providing here on this site helps you on your path.

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