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Hashimoto’s Disease – Treatment

February 13, 2021


"As Hashimoto's disease leads to hypothyroidism or low thyroid condition. So the conventional way of Hashimoto's disease treatment is by giving you thyroid hormone medicine. And the most common medicine that has been prescribed is called levothyroxine. But what we are seeing is that, even after giving the patients levothyroxine, there's still a lot of patients complain of persistent symptoms. So in integrative medicine and functional medicine, we have devised other things which can help people with Hashimoto's disease. So the other things that you can do for Hashimoto's disease treatment are, number one is diet. Food plays an important role in healing your thyroid gland. So there are certain foods which can destroy your thyroid gland and certain foods which heal your thyroid gland. So certain foods which destroy your thyroid gland are gluten, processed food, processed meat and refined sugar. So you should remove all of those foods from your diet. And foods which actually help to heal your thyroid gland that you should include on your every meal are green leafy vegetables, colorful vegetables, things which are high in Omega-3s, like fish. So if you follow these dietary plans that will help you heal your Hashimoto's disease. The second thing is supplements. There are certain supplements which research has shown can be helpful in your Hashimoto's disease. Some of the supplements are selenium. Other ones is zinc. The third one is Omega-3 fatty acids. The fourth one is magnesium. So these all supplements can be taken on a regular basis and can help to heal your Hashimoto's disease. The third thing that you can do to help your Hashimoto's disease is stress reduction. Now in the current world, we are living, we are all stressed out and stress leads to Hashimoto's disease. So if you cultivate a habit of stress reduction, which can be just a few minutes every day, like meditation or deep breathing or cultivating a hobby, or just relaxing for a few days can help your Hashimoto's disease. So, as I said, that the conventional way of treating Hashimoto's disease is taking the medicine called levothyroxin, but there are other things that you can do to help with your Hashimoto's disease, like diet, like supplements, and also stress reduction."

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